About the "Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered"

Keiko Koma at the Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered in Iran
Photo by Idaki Shin

My performance, the Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered was presented to an international audience for the first time in Tyre Lebanon on the 26th August 2005. In this particular concert spectators were so moved as the concert got more and more animated towards the final part that almost everybody started to shed tears and gave a standing ovation; everywhere could be heard bravos and encores. Even I was lost for a while. What happened while I was narrating my poem on Tyre and Phoenicia. Owing to this wonderful experience I started to give globally my poetic performance in Japanese knowing that souls of man could transcend the differences of language.

"Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered" at Hippodrome in Tyre, Lebanon 2005


Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered

2024/1/11 Thu. Komae ECORMA Hall

1-2-1 Motoizumi, Komae City, Tokyo, Japan

  • PM5:50 open PM6:30 start
  • PM8:00 (Expected to finish)
  • Appearance:Keiko Koma(Improvised poem) / Idaki Shin(Improvisaton, Video)
  • Fee ¥10,000(All seats free seats)
  • Organized by NPO KOMA



Keiko Koma Representative of IDAKI Corp. and Non Profit Organization KOMA

Keiko Koma Profile

A Non Profit Organization, NPO KOMA wishes to contribute to global peace by promoting understanding of human nature transcending any racial or cultural differences. In this respect it has been organizing concerts by artist Idaki Shin and its representative Keiko Koma, as a means to realize dialogue among the hearts and souls of people all over the world.

The majority of these concerts have been commissioned and organized by governmental and official bodies. Further, it is expanding its range of activity to actual social projects, such as: an international commercialization of Ethiopian wild coffee, under the brand name of Andromeda Ethiopia; a support program to an orphanage center in Addis Ababa; participating to establish a business college and a library in the war damaged city of Tyre, Lebanon; an emergency aid program to the Bam earthquake disaster in Iran, and to a drought stricken area of Ethiopia;and a big scale water supply project for the entire habitants in the town of Gode, in the drought stricken southern part of Ethiopia.

The founder and the representative of NPO KOMA, Ms. Keiko Koma is a direct descendant of the ancient kingdom called Koguryo in East Asia. She inherits the nature of the kings of Koguryo, its creative power, excellent traditions, glorious expansion and painful life of exile to Japan, after its destruction in the 7th century AD. Exercising the extraordinary talent of a shaman king, she visits various part of the world every year and creates unique poems as messages of Heaven, Earth and Human civilization in the past, present and future. She is currently giving her poetic performance globally, as a joint concert program with Idaki Shin, under the name of Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered. This program has been staged as many as 267 times in Japan and abroad as of September 2023.

From the year 2006, she has developed her unique way of painting on Japanese traditional materials, achieving successfully a multi dimensional presentation of herself in the artistic sphere. Her major plastic works were exhibited at the Salle de UNESCO in Beirut and various exhibition spaces in Japan. Which success led NPO KOMA to open original gallery and Café spaces in Tokyo, The Keiko Koma Skyrocket Center Omotesandou, Keiko Koma gallery and Café Koma-ya Roppongi, and in Kyoto, the Koma Gallery Café under the famous Yasaka tower and Koma-ya at the south corner of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. In the year 2011 responding to the Northern East Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster, it opened the NPO KOMA Tohoku center at Morioka, Iwate as its center of activities to support the recovery process and is periodically holding charity concerts, promoting variety of products of Tohoku area to the rest of Japan and creating new business opportunities.

The representative of NPO KOMA, IDAKI Corp., Geist Ltd. / The Director of NPO Inochi / The honorary citizenship of Tyre, Lebanon
The author of publications:Eight heavenly angels, To be with all your soul, Encounter, Legends of Koguryo Rediscovered, To be with all your soul 2; Magnitude of time, Petry with DVD "REIKA", Poetry "Miyako no Shiki", "kita no Daichi"
Results of Activities:Until Sep. 2023, she appeared in 1130 lectures and 267 times in the "Legends of Koguryo Rediscove red". To date, she has produced 1508 concerts (as of Sep. 2023) in Japan and abroad.