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Andromeda Ethiopia Coffee

I chose “Yirgachafe” and “Limu” out of many samples of green coffee beans. Limu is produced in the Kafa region. Kafa is said to be the original source of coffee. It is a precious area, rare in the world, where woodlands of wild coffee still remain. The Yirgachafe region is a three-hour car ride from Kafa. It is also an area of forests of wild coffee. Limu is categorized as forest coffee (100% wild coffee) and Yirgachafe as semi-forest coffee. I understand from standing on the land of Ethiopia that the fruit born in the land abounding with energy and blessings of nature is naturally good for us.

Keiko Koma

Yirgachafe Village, Ethiopia;
Shooting, editing and music by IDAKI SHIN

Coffee Beans Lineup

Andromeda Ethiopia Limu

Limu is the rich hill area in the heart of Kafa region in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Every bean is handpicked from wild forests of coffee trees. You can enjoy the original rich and timeless taste of 100% wild coffee.

Andromeda Ethiopia Yirgachafe

Yirgachafe is a semi-forest coffee from Ethiopia that is considered as one of the most exquisite and special coffee with rich fragrance and herbal aroma. It is one of the coffee beans we are most proud of. You can enjoy its fruity taste, the very characteristic of Mocha coffee.

Kilimanjaro Gomata Suji

A powerful and elegant coffee from the land of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania that is said to have a natural healing power from its dynamic nature. Very limited production and hard to find in the market. It is an extremely precious coffee that took five years to have them in stock.

Special Stores

Cafe Koma-ya / Roppongi, Tokyo

When the signboard of “Koma-ya” was set up in Tokyo, the souls of Koguryo people that continued to live in the land of Tokyo gathered at once, opening up space of a thunderous roar. As the spirituality of Koguryo existing at the pillar of the world has been manifested, we will diffuse the energy of love worldwide. And this place as evidence of my declaration to the world, we will open up a world where the descendants can continue to live.

Cafe KOMAYA Official Site (Japanese)

KOMA Gallery Cafe / Yasaka, Kyoto

When I was led by the souls of my ancestors to the land of Yasaka in Kyoto, a “Koma” signboard was erected and “Koma Gallery Cafe” was created at the foot of Yasaka Pagoda, a place almost like an inner garden of the tower.

Koma gallery cafe Official Site(Japanese)


I often use the expression “a divine message in my dream.” When I’m moving towards the future, I learn what I need to do in my dream, from a message heard from wind, a scenery of future I happen to see in space. From a divine message I received, I was shown to create a gallery cafe where a “Koma” signboard is set up. As I found the exact place I saw in my dream, I came to open Koma-ya.

Komaya Official Site

Cafe Komaya / Ichibancho, Sendai

When I perceived that there is no future for Japan without the recovery for the Tohoku region, I kept coming to Tohoku since immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Being led, I opened Cafe Koma-ya on the first floor of Sirius Ichibancho Building on the opposite side of Fujisaki Department Store on Aoba-dori Avenue.

Cafe Komaya Sendai Official Site

Yui-kobo, Cafe Koma-ya / Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi Pref.

On 11th of March 2018, we opened Yui-Kobo in front of Yamashita Station in Yamamoto-cho. Mr. Takashi Iwasa, the representative of Yamamoto Strawberry Plantation, rose up immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in Yamamoto-cho, where 90% of the town was destroyed, to run a strawberry farm for the future generations. Through my encounter with him, Yui-Kobo (Yamamoto Strawberry Plantation Baumkuchen kitchen and NPO KOMA coffee roasting workshop & cafe) came to be built.

Yui-kobo Official Site