At the Persepolis concert the audience saw that the power of love and justice resolved evil into nothing. Peace prevailed all over. The space we were living in was filled with the light of heaven and the vast universe. One feels deep within oneself unity with nature and the universe. Such was the world of Idaki Shin’s music, so I asked our sound team members to make a new stereo sound system for the best reproduction of Idaki Shin’s music. The internality of man is more vast than one ever imagines. It has the innate power of love and peace. The music of Idaki Shin is awakening people to regain their original power of life, encouraging people to tackle any difficulties and live a truly happy life. One will become aware of one’s reason to exist in relationship with what we call the ideal of heaven. One life may shine brilliantly and its energy will be shared all over the world. The Idaki Shin sound system is designed to provide a field of energy of universal love and creativity in any time and at any place. You will experience its amazing power delivered out of a relatively small package. On turning it on, it fills the space around you and within you with brilliant energy. Your internality will be filled with light and rejoice. You will feel that the center of the universe is there. This energy of life and love is more precious for the mind of modern man than any food or method of relaxation. May peace and happiness prevail all over the world.

NPO KOMA Representative Keiko Koma

POWER AMPLIFIER NK-A1; Amplifier Specifications

[Imput terminal]
[Speaker Terminal]
[DC Input Terminal]

SPEAKER NK-S1; Speaker Specifications

[Unit Used]
[Output sound pressure level]
[Rated input]
[Frequency characteristic]

Idaki Shin Sound System 180,000Yen (without tax)

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