Encounter with Ethiopia

We visited the town of Gode for the first time in August 2000. The hospital was in urgent need of medical equipment, having numerous patients suffering malaria, epidemics, and other diseases. A lot of children were lying on the floor. We made a promise to the doctor to send an X-ray machine. On our return to Japan we selected an appropriate type of X-ray machine and purchased it through our foundation, Dinquenashe, that had already started three months before. Having some difficulty to transport it, we finally took it with us and delivered it to Gode hospital by ourselves later the same year. People there were extremely happy to see that we kept our promise and said that our continuous support would be the most precious light of hope for the people of Gode. During this trip, we came to realize that the most fundamental problem was the condition of the water, its quality and supply. Most human diseases are caused by drinking dirty water. So we are planning a new water supply system, in cooperation with the water authority of Ethiopia and a number of Japanese engineers, that is going to be installed before long. I appreciate your attention and ask for further support to our new program.

First visit to Gode

It was towards the end of last year. The first thing that we found remarkable about the drought in Ethiopia was the fact that almost no information was available in Japan, neither in the mass media, nor in any Japanese internet portal. This seemed very strange to me, considering its urgency and gravity compared to other disastrous cases in the rest of the world which were reported every day. All we could do was to read the foreign press, and web sites outside Japan. When I first visited the embassy of Ethiopia, I heard for the first time some information that sounded authentic. We were very touched and were strongly motivated to take action in one way or another, and it did not take long before we decided to visit Ethiopia. So we visited Ethiopia last month for a period of two weeks. The aim of this visit was to see, first of all, the situation in Gode, a town constantly reported as the center of the drought disaster and to implement preliminary research necessary to make the most effective plan. In addition, we hoped to experience the cultural, historical and natural richness of Ethiopia, so that I could express them in my artistic dimension, and convey their beauty to Japanese audiences, who knew almost nothing about Ethiopia.

We considered this trip just as the beginning of a long term project. However, we had such a wonderful time moment by moment, wherever we went, that it turned out to be one of the most precious and shocking events in my life. I encountered there the inner beauty and dignity of human beings that most of the world had forgotten. What I have experienced resides in me and pushes me hard to think about Ethiopia, where the revelation of true history and authentic humanity takes place.

In Gode, through intimate conversation with people there, we came up with the following three frameworks to follow: First, in order urgently to secure the lives of people in Gode, some powerful assistance to doctors and medical staff there shall be made as soon as possible. Getting them out of the fatal situation where they have few medical facilities and basic sanitary commodities, providing some basic supplies will allow them to exercise their professional abilities. Then, if matters are so arranged, they will secure the lives of a great number of people. We asked them what were the most important things they wanted and promised them on the spot that we would bring a portable X ray machine, basic medicines and some other related supplies. Fortunately our NPO is assisted by various medical specialists and doctors who are already working hard to find the most usable and maintenance-free X-ray machine, and the most developed medicines appropriate for Gode. Second, by further investigating various factors of the actual situation, we identified the problem of water supply deficiency, both in terms of its quantity and quality. This seemed to be the cause of most of the problems there. Lack of good enough water supply means the lack of the basic life cycle necessary to live on for the inhabitants there, together with the plants they cultivate and animals they herd, and also may well be the source of infection of most of the fatal diseases people are suffering from.

Third, the provision of education is indispensable in order to put an end to the poverty of the local society. We are very much looking forward to develop our project in this respect after solving the problems of medical care and water supply. We need to be persistent and faithful to each other.

Lastly, we will always remain sincere to people based upon the principle of mutual understanding and development. What we hate to do is merely to impose on other people the things we think. We will try to help people in need of our assistance, but the dignity and liberty to live a unique life is the same for every person whatever his or her race, creed or nationality. Dialogue is essential. In the course of implementing a project based on this principle, we expect together to discover infinite possibilities and create something precious that can result in, for example, a new agricultural model in the dry area, or a new medical diagnosis, etc, applicable to the rest of the world. Mutually interwoven with and inspired by each other, we will pave the way for a new society where all children live on happily, for the birth of a new human species recovering its original beauty and dignity. To this end, we are extremely happy to be able to kick off the project in Ethiopia, a country symbolically represented by Denkenesh signifying you are wonderful, which is the name we use for the bank account of our charity activities.

Thank you again for providing us with this precious opportunity. May this tiny project become the hope for both of us, and for people all over the world in quest of peace and truth.

NPO KOMA Ethiopia Support Activity Overview

  • 2000, Visit Southern Gode suffering from drought. Ethiopian Ambassador to Japan accompanies from Japan to Ethiopia and decides to hold Idaki Shin concert based on a common understanding that "The root solution of the problem is that the inner surface of the human being who makes the society changes". At the same time, support for Ethiopia began and donated X-rays to Gode Hospital at the local request.
  • Nov. 2001, Idaki Shin Ethiopia Concert “Cosmic Manifesto” is held to send peaceful energy to the whole world at Meskel Square, Addis Ababa. (110,000 audience, Global satellite broadcasting and internet distribution)
  • Directly imported coffee beans from Ethiopia since 2002. Commercialized and sold under the “Andromeda Ethiopian Coffee” brand.
  • March 2002 Donated shipping clearance for 11 fire engines to be sent to Ethiopia.
  • In December 2002, donated to Ethiopia DPPC (Disaster Prevention Preparation Committee) in the event of an Ethiopian starvation emergency.
  • In 2007, as a support activity for the Addis Ababa Ketchene Orphanage, donated bio-energy facilities and established a clinic.
  • In August 2007, 4 people were invited to Japan for technical training from the Somali Department of Waterworks. We conducted training at a water purification project partner, Daigaku Sangyo Co., Ltd. And in November, the construction of a water purification system was completed in Gode, southern Ethiopia developed as a joint project with Somali over 5 years. (Six engineers from Japan dispatched for 12 days) It will be possible to supply safe drinking water to 50,000 residents.

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Water purification system